Friday, August 21, 2009

Hannan's Class Party

For little Hannan's class party. Thanks Dr Wahid and Puan Zarina for the order and thanks Kamm for the recommendation.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's Azriel's Birthday

Nono ordered 48 cups of edible image cupcakes and a fondant 3D topper for her nephew's 2nd birthday. It comes together with 8 cups of pink fondant ribbons with personalized names on each cups. Happy Birthday to Little Azriel and thanks Nono for the order.

Cupcakes ! Cupcakes !

A box of cupcakes from Amy to her beloved friend Mona. Mona is celebrating her 34th birthday. Happy Birthday Mona.

Cupcakes full of love from Rina of Ipoh to her beloved boyfriend, Razali.
Thanks Rina for the order.

Anime cupcakes. Order received from Amri. Thanks Amri for the order.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ridhwan & Zura

Engagement cake complimentary from Madame Cupcakes for Janggut & Zura. Janggut is the only bachelor in our office, I introduced him to Zura, they fall in love and tomorrow is their engagement day. Congratulations to both of you.


Congratulations Fazli. Now it's time for you to find a job...good luck!. Thanks Amri for the order.

To beautiful Hanny. Mummy and Daddy loves you so much.

Loves is in the Air

It's all about love. Love from a son to a dotted mother, love from a wife to a loving husband and love from a girl to a boy.

From Wani to Aidil. Cupcakes full of love....

Cupcakes with loads of love from a son to a mother. I am sure Ibu is very happy and thanks Amri for the order.

Love from a wife to a wonderful husband. From Marni to the love of her life Azlee.

From Nanie to her Baby with a message I LOVE YOU !!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


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36 cute petite cupcakes in green and yellow roses*.

RM40 @ 36 pieces per box.

Place your order today!

* Promotion valid for a short period of time. Deco as shown in the picture.

Last ordering date : 11 September 2009.

Cupcakes ! Cupcakes!

Kak Ila is celebrating her 22nd anniversary. Happy Anniversary Kak Ila.
Thank you for your order.

Music theme cupcakes requested by Husna of UMP. Thanks Husna for the order.

Birthday cupcakes for little Nurin who is celebrating her 5th birthday.
A mix of edible image and little fairies princesses.

Cakes for All

Birthday cake for the lovely Nek Wan. Thanks Elly for the order.

Danish, my nephew who is under house quarantine due to a confirmed case of H1N1, celebrated his 10th birthday at Gleaneagles Hospital. He is recovering and now is free from H1N1. Happy Birthday Danish, be a good boy ok.

It's Zarif 5th birthday. He fancied Mr Bean (used to be Spongebob, Tom & Jerry and now O'Bean). Happy Birthday Zarif (who is also under house quarantine because of H1N1). Ayeen love you so much.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sayonara Japan

Since Kak Ita is not going to Japan, I decided to draw a Japanese Girl in Kimono. Kak Ita is so happy with the design. Since she is not going to Japan, she is RM7K richer. Sayonara Japan..

For Him and For Her

16 pcs of cupcakes for Diana's future father in law. It's his birthday and retirement day. I am sure he is very happy to received a suprise birthay cupcakes from Diana. Thanks Diana for the order :) wink..wink...

A birthday cake for a beloved mother. Izni and siblings ordered a chocolate moist cake with chocolate ganache for their beloved mother on her birthday. Thanks Izni for the order.

Thank You Boss

Suhaiza of TM ordered a box of cupcakes for his boss's birthday. Thanks Suhaiza for the order.

Birthday Cuppies on His Birthday

Thanks Linda for the order.

Hazzryn's Cupcakes

2 set of cupcakes for Hazzryn for her engagement. She requested for pink and blue theme. Thanks Hazzryn for the order.