Wednesday, July 29, 2009

School Projects

Amy ordered a box of cupcakes for her school project. I hope they like it. Thanks Amy for the order and support.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Classic Car For Sale

Good news to all classic car lovers. I am planning to sell of my Mini Clubman 1977 for the price of RM5500.00 (negotiable). Color Tangerine Orange (the original color). We didn't do any modification on the body or the engine.

I am the 2nd buyer, bought the car about 2 years ago. I did some major repaired works which includes changing the oil tank, a new line of ekzos pipe, a new water tank, survo break, new side mirror for both side, new original viper, 12" rim (original was 10"), new tyre and a new classic fan. Accident free, all original parts.

If you are interested (really, extremely interested buyer only) please leave a comment here and your phone number or email me at

Reminiscing the Good Old Days

A box of cupcakes for the ex student of Methodist Girls School, SPM 1983 for their Hi-Tea Reunion which was held at Vistana Hotel, Kuantan.

Thanks Kak Julie for the order.

Faizah's Engagement Delights

Faizah engagement cake & cupcakes.

Moist chocolate cake topped with chocolate ganache. Fresh strawberries and green grape are used for the deco.

Cupcakes ! Cupcakes !

I was so busy for the whole of last week. Had taken some pictures but I didn't have time to upload all the pictures into my blog. The next few weeks will see me running around addressing some personal errands. I may not be able to update my blog but will do so once I am a bit free.

Here are some of the pictures taken. To all my beloved customer, thank you so much for the support and orders.

Thank you Kak Taherah for the order.

For Ayie for his 20th Birthday. From Ika with love.

Happy Birthday Amin. A box of birthday cupcakes for Amin from Alia.

Love Cupcakes from Wani to Mr Ahem..ahem..

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Diana & Salleh

Diana ordered 2 boxes of cupcakes for her engagement. The pink and purple roses for her family, while the red and pink fondant roses for her beloved fiance, Salleh.

Pink and red rolled roses, dusted with ruby glitter. To Diana & Salleh, congratulations on your engagement. May you have a wonderful years ahead. Thank you for the order and support.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Fareesha & Her Little Einsteins

2 boxes of cupcakes for Fareesha, Fardia's future Einsteins. Moist chocolate cupcakes topped with chocolate ganache.

Thanks Angie for the order. Happy birthday Fareesha. Probably when you are a lot more bigger you will know me. I'm your mummy's best friend. Go and make your parents proud and be a good girl.


Auntie Yeen

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Little Cuppies

From Sya With Love

Ordered by Sya for her friend. Thanks Sya for the order.

Underwater World

Same theme but for 2 different person.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Both by Azila. Thanks Azila for the order.

* Moist Chocolate Banana topped with creamy chocolate ganache.

Happy Birthday Angah & Eusoffe

Kamm our Malaysian student studying in New Zealand ordered a box of cupcakes for her beloved sister and her adorable nephew.

Thanks Kamm for your continuous support.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wonderpets Birthday Cake

Wonderpets birthday cake. Ordered by Qastalani of Thanks Qas for the order and support. Hope your little nephew like this cake.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cupcakes ! Cupcakes !

A box of cupcakes for Ija. Ordered by her beloved mom.

A box of cupcakes for Mr Ravi and Ms Mimi. Ordered by Umi for her two beloved workmate.

Birthday Cakes

Transformer 'Optimus Prime' birthday cake for my 8 year old nephew, the most shy boy in the world Arif. We celebrated his birthday at Bubba Gump @ Sunway Pyramid.

Ordered by Perodua Service, Semambu Kuantan for all birthday boys and girls. Thanks Kak Shima for the order.

Cupcakes ! Cupcakes !

Cupcakes throughout the week.

Sue ordered 16 pcs of cupcakes for her engagement. Recommended byJune of Cuppies@ Kuantan. Thanks June for the recommendation and thanks Sue for the order. Congratulations.

From Zuhaira for her beloved husband for their 6th year wedding anniversary.

Friends Forever. From Jue to all her beloved friends.

Nana's Little Garden

Nana ordered 6 pieces of fondant cupcakes together with the nest and sugar box for her wedding. A combination of orange roses, mimosas, azaleas and forget me not. I decorated the bird nest with small berries.

For the pink sugar box, I made the ribbon from fondant and I add in some silver balls.

To Nana and husband, Congratulations and may you have a wonderful years ahead of you.