Saturday, January 31, 2009


Dear Cupcakes Lovers

Hi and welcome to our new home. It has been 6 months since we first started this home-baking business. It has been such a wonderful experience for both my husband and I. My husband is now in-charge of baking and I can now concentrate on new recipes and decorating the cakes.

Recently, we have extended or repertoire of cakes. From cupcakes to wedding and birthday cakes, pastries and we are now looking into producing our selections of delicious buns and breads. It is not over until the fat lady sings.

Our cakes, pastries, buns and bread are 100% halal. No preservatives added (unless requested) and they are baked to order. From February 2009, we offer to deliver * your orders at very minimal charges.

However, there are some changes that we need to make in order to stay in business. While the price of petrol has gone down, the cost of ingredients has gone up. We are not able to meet the price increase with our current prices. As such, effective from today, February 1st 2009, the price of 25 pieces of slightly bigger cupcakes is RM40.00 per box.

Order some today! The storm in the cup is truly an incredible gastronomical experience. Once eaten, surely smitten

* For delivery service, a minimum of 2 boxes per order.

Our new packaging.

The Almost Perfect 2 Tier Wedding Cakes

Buttercake topped with butter cream and rasberry filling.

Top tier of the wedding cake. Flowers from Royal Icing.

1st tier of the cake. Nicely decorated with butter cream roses.

The 2 tier wedding cakes, complimentary from Madame Cupcakes for the brother in law. Unfortunately, due to mishandling of the cakes from Kuantan to KL, the top tier collapsed and completely ruined. We are lucky that the 1st tier remain intact during the whole journey. Arrived safely in Butterworth. Thank God.

Cupcakes for the Newly Wed

Cupcakes for the happy newly wed couple

Cupcakes in silver cage with satin ribbons and crystal flowers for the guest in the main table. Complimentary from Madame Cupcakes.

I made these cupcakes for my brother in law. He got married last week. Some of the cupcakes are for the main table and the guest in the main table.

All the kids are eyeing for the cupcakes and can't wait to get their hands on it. It was zapped within seconds.

Chinese New Year Cupcakes

My sister Ruzy, ordered 2 boxes of Chinese New Year cupcakes for her father-in-law in Johor and one for her sister in law.

To Mr Ho and family, Happy Chinese New Year.

Assorted Design

Yellow & Silver Royal Icing

This is another box ordered by Fiza. She requested for yellow and silver colored flowers. I decided to give it a try and instead of using buttercream, I used royal icing. The flowers are made from royal icing (2 days in advance) and I used buttercream for the leaf.

Again, thanks to Fiza for the order.

Miss Pinky and Mr Whitey

Fiza from UMP ordered 3 boxes of cupcakes. She requested for Pink and White cupcakes and another box for her brother's wedding.

Thanks to Fiza for the order.

Kinky Cupcakes For My 16 Years Old Nephew

I got these 18SX cupcakes for my 16 year old nephew studying at one of the boarding school in Kuantan.

My mum was not too happy with the design, but I guess he is old enough, sooner or later he will learn about girls. This is just a start.

* He said all the boys in his dormitory laugh when they saw the cupcakes.

Fantastic Jelly

I attended the fantastic jelly class about 2 weeks ago. Learning from a wonderful teacher, Kak Zati. She is very helpful, informative and we had lots of fun decorating the jelly. I love the decorating part but I do not fancy the cooking part.

For RM150 per session, we get 3 packets of different types of mold for the flower making, a delicious lunch and of course we learned the do's and don'ts.

I am not sure whether this will be in my 'selling menu' since it is very tedious. I am not sure I have the patients and perseverance to do this jelly.

If you wish to sign up, please visit Kak Zati's blog at

To Kak Zati, Thank You and Selamat Berpantang.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dear Cupcakes Lovers

Dear Cupcakes Lovers,

There will be a slight increase in price effective 1st February 2009. While the price of petrol has gone down, the cost of ingredients has gone up! So folks, the new price is RM ??.00 for 25 pieces of slightly bigger cupcakes and more catchy packaging.

Please bear with me, as I am still in the midst of updating our price list. MadameCupcakes's brand new blog will be up and running effective from the same date as mentioned above.

You are welcome to join MadameCupcakes at our new home, located not far from here.

See ya!