Friday, May 1, 2009

Pinkish Wedding Cake

Kak Norita ordered a wedding cake at the eleventh hour. I had to rush to do the cake and since I do not have any spare ready made rolled fondant I had to make one. The first trial, a total waste. The fondant didn't turn out the way it was supposed to be. It crack and not able to rolled. Tried to do magic but it was far too late. Finally, husband and I decided to make a new fresh fondant with lots of prayers. Alhamdullillah it turn out just nice.

Since it's a last minute order, I am not able to do my own roses and had to used the ready made instead. I only had one day to do the cake and with that little time I had, no way I am able to dry the roses in time.

This is the final artwork. I am not too happy with so many things with regards to the design. I wish I have more time experimenting the cake and put my ideas into reality.

To Kak Ita, thank you for the order.

Please be informed that I will be away from 30th May until 15th June 2009. Kindly refer to the calendar below to check on my baking availability. Thank You - Madame Cupcakes


sherry said...

salam singgah

Bowling Cupcakes ada?

Yeen Hashim said...

Hi Sherry

So far tak ada yang tempah lagi bowling cupcakes. But I would be happy to make one, itupun kalau sherry nak order lah. I can be contacted at 016 932 8997. Hope to hear from you soon.