Friday, May 29, 2009

Cupcakes for the whole of this week

I am tied up with orders and at the same time I need to prepare for my coming umrah trip. Crazy...but thank god, I managed to finish up everything before the due date. My bags are pack, and I am ready to go. Insyaallah, if god willing business will resume after 15 June. Adios.

Ordered by Marni. Thanks Marni for the order.

Princesses edible image, ordered by Azirah for her daughter's birthday.
Thanks Azirah for the order.

I bought these cute animal chocolates in Langkawi.
I used these because I was so tied up with long list of orders and had no time to think. This is the most 'brilliant' solutions.

Teacher's Day. Thanks Ikram for the order

From Aizat, my nephew for his parents. Due to go to Umrah together with me, but Aizat is not going to join us. So 16 pcs of cupcakes for his beloved parents with lots of prayers and love.

Please be informed that I will be away from 31st May until 15th June 2009. Kindly refer to the calendar below to check on my baking availability. Thank You - Madame Cupcakes


Kak Elle said...

selamat menunaikan ibadah umrah yeen semoga sihat di sana nanti.

dapurbiru said...

Salam yeen.Ini k.Ina dari Dapur biru.Semg selamat pergi & balik dari menunai umrah.