Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Short Break

Dear Cupcakes Lovers and My Wonderful Readers,

Please take note that Madame Cupcakes is taking a short break from baking on the following dates:

14 Feb - 15 Feb 2009
* Don't worry, I am leaving for KL at 1 pm , after all your love cupcakes are safely delivered or collected.

19 Feb - 22 Feb 2009
* I am going to KL to attend our annual dinner party. If you wish to order, you may come and collect your order on 19 Feb before 5 pm.

3 March - 6 March 2009
* I am not taking any order since I have bulk orders to fulfill.

20 - 22 March 2009
* My mum's 69th birthday. We are going to throw her a big birthday celebration. So I will be in KL for the said event.

You can place your order on any other date except for the date shown above.

Thank you.


Yeen @ Madame Cupcakes


Kak Elle said...

I was hoping one of the reasons could be going to singapore...hahaha

Yeen Hashim said...

Elle, insyaallah. May ada cuti panjang. We are planning to go there, stay at your house and eat like there's no more tomorrow...hehehee dah lama tak rasa you masak, asyik dok tengok dlm yr blog aje.

Kak Elle said...

yeen May bila? kalau nak mai make sure I ada school holiday otherwise fri-sun ... unless u dun mind being left alone I pergi kerja...hahaha