Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Sara

Jue, my 1st time customer ordered a box of cupcakes with Upin & Ipin's theme for her niece. Thanks Jue for the order. Hopefully Sara likes the cupcakes.


Fad and Sarah said...

cute cupcakes nih. Jue bgtau sayer, cupcakenyer sedap. jauh sgt kat kuantan. klu kat jb, sayer dah order dah. (^^,)

Rih0ney said...

salam...comey nye upin n ipin...klu saya nak tempah cupcakes tema spa q bole x??

Anonymous said...

yeah...mmmg sedaps...i like..hehe
sara n her brother loved it yeen...infact they went straight for the cupcakes..hehe..

nxt time bley order lg..i also passed the word to my friends bout it ;)

nways..where can i get the happy birthday ribbons? my sis was looking for x jumpa la pulak..

Yeen Hashim said...

Fad and Sarah...Thank you. If you're happen to be in Kuantan bolehlah rasa.

Rihoney...Spa Q...interesting. Ini mesti peminat Spa Q. Insyallah boleh di usahakan kalau ada yang nak order theme Spa Q.

Jue...thank you. Glad that both of them like the cupcakes. Birthday ribbon tu...beli di KL. My next trip to KL, I will get a roll for you.

Thanks guys for the support and comments.