Saturday, July 25, 2009

Classic Car For Sale

Good news to all classic car lovers. I am planning to sell of my Mini Clubman 1977 for the price of RM5500.00 (negotiable). Color Tangerine Orange (the original color). We didn't do any modification on the body or the engine.

I am the 2nd buyer, bought the car about 2 years ago. I did some major repaired works which includes changing the oil tank, a new line of ekzos pipe, a new water tank, survo break, new side mirror for both side, new original viper, 12" rim (original was 10"), new tyre and a new classic fan. Accident free, all original parts.

If you are interested (really, extremely interested buyer only) please leave a comment here and your phone number or email me at


Classic Car Sales said...

Hi there. I think my dad would love to have one. What are the price range? I am thinking of getting him a truck or a car, but I think he'd love this more. I'd be waiting for your response. More power to you!

KIA said...

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