Thursday, April 23, 2009

3D Class Conducted by Cupcake Kekasih

Last weekend I attended a fondant class (3D figurine) from a very wonderful lady, Kak Jun of She's very artistic and had an eye for details. Check out her blog and see all her artwork. It's a full day class, and I was given 11 cupcakes to decorate and of course with Kak Jun's help and guidance. We had such a lovely time, exchanging ideas, tips and chit chatting. Kak Jun gave me a lot of input, ideas and advise. Thank you Kak Jun.

I wish I could stay longer and learn more. If you fancy cupcakes and wanted to do more than the usual stuff go ahead and sign up for Kak Jun's fondant class (there's beginners class and advance class). It is worth every penny spend.

Some of the pictures taken after class.

My nephews, Hakim and Arif can't wait to get their hands on the cupcakes. The pink panther head was gone within second.

I am proud to say that this is my, my, my hardwork. Oh of course Kak Jun helped me a lot throughout the class.

Please be informed that I will be away from 31st May until 15th June 2009. Kindly refer to the calendar below to check on my baking availability. Thank You - Madame Cupcakes


Kak Elle said...

You forgot about me being in KL kan kan kan?

wah cuti panjang nak pergi mana Yeen?

Yeen Hashim said...

Heheehe..sorry Elle. Memang I totally lupa. Bila on the way balik ke Kuantan pun baru I ingat. U must be having a good time rite, u pun lupa call I kan. Insyaallah ada rezeki we planned to go to Mecca & Madinah. Doakan yea.

Mummy Hanny said...

salam kak. macamana nak buat order cupcake ni? sy memang duk kuantan. delivery macamana?

Yeen Hashim said...

W'salam. Hi Mummy Hanny. Thank you for your interest. Mummy Hanny boleh call saya di 016 932 8997. Delivery boleh di buat at a very minimal charges. Thank you.